ADAM, the Digital Earth platform

“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” Isaac Newton,1675. One year ago, this week, MEEO launched The ADAM Digital Earth, a revolutionary platform to help professionals leverage Earth Observation and environmental geospatial data to enable insights into climate and environmental change. To honour ADAM’s first anniversary, we look […]

Big Data from Space 2017 conference

Eodataservice has been presented at the Big Data from Space 2017 conference (28 – 30 November 2017, Toulouse, France) We made more than 40 demos to EO and Big Data experts, non experts, and curious people of seeing the potentialities of a single platform that allows accessing to a huge amount of heterogeneous environmental […] success recognised by CORDIS, the platform created by MEEO to offer interoperable environmental data discovery, access, sub-setting, visualisation, processing and download services, finalist of the Big Data Challenge 2017, has been selected to take part in the Copernicus Accelerator project. The platform is a breakthrough which gives users the chance to manage the data lifecycle from collection […]

Christmas Gift maps … so many deliveries!

Thanks to all of you!   You have been really a lot playing with our little “Christmas Gift”: you have searched places spread all over the world. We traveled together from the province of Ferrara, Italy (where we are from) to Europe, to Americas, Africa, Asia, Australia, even to Poles. You helped us discovering many […]