The Concept


… implements the concept of Digital Earth making global environmental geospatial data Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable (FAIR).

… provides an effective subsetting functionality that accesses the data only when requested and serves to the client only the data amount that is really needed.

… exposes OGC-standardised discovery (openSearch) and access (WCS 2.0) interfaces.


ADAM is a cross-domain application that supports various application fields
Besides the generic data access platform, dedicated interfaces can be developed for specific needs (e.g. on the fly processing capabilities, …)

You can rotate the earth cube. Click on the earth to get some data.

Get the data

Eodataservice is a distributed platform:
data remains at the data provider premises and are accessed only when requested.
Three types of user interfaces are provided:
→ a web based graphic user interface
→ Jupiter notebook (python console)
→ APIs: OGC-compliant (OpenSearch, WCS2.x) RESTful interfaces


Eodataservice has been presented at the Big Data from Space 2017 conference (28 – 30 November 2017, Toulouse, France) We made more than 40 demos to EO and Big Data experts, non experts, and curious people of seeing the potentialities of a single platform that allows …
The eodataservice technology is getting more and more used in various domains to provide fast and reliable access to a large volume and variety of geospatial data, mainly from satellite platforms. In a joint effort to bring Earth Observation (EO) services to a new level, e-GEOS …
It has been a busy week at EGU 2018 in Vienna, Austria, at the MEEO´s booth where eodataservice has been presented. Scientists as well as decision makers, private companies, teachers and students have found their way to exploit the data cube of environmental data provided …