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ADAM is a key technology to enable seamless access and view services to environmental data.
ADAM removes the main barriers to realize the democratization data process.

What is Adam

The Advanced geospatial Data Management platform (ADAM) is a tool to access a large variety and volume of global environmental data. User-friendly web viewer and Application Programming Interface (API) allow extracting global as well as local data, from the past, current time, to short term forecast and long-term projections. Most of the data are updated daily to allow users having always fresh data to play with.

The data services developed upon ADAM can benefit of full, fast, flexible and effective data-as-a-service platform that boosts any web data solution from micro thematic services to massive data processing services including AI based tools.

ADAM facilitates sharing and manipulation of data for data processors, data handling and re-use by managing large volume, need of speed, variety, complexity, diversity, dispersed data sources.

Large variety of data

access facility

Explorer, the web-based graphic user interface

Adamapi, the python package for the Application Processing Interfaces (APIs)

Jupyter Notebook, the web-based processing environment

QGIS Plugin, to allow QGIS users to benefit from the ADAM services and features

Processing on the fly

Not only data access, but also data processing on the fly.

Accumulated / Averaged values (TA-AA)

Computes accumulated / averaged /minimum / maximum /standard deviation values over a point / area of interest for a defined time frame (period of time, recursive month season, year).

Search events by threshold (TA-SET)

Allows searching accumulated/averaged events (e.g. when the daily temperature has been above 40 Degrees Celsius for three consecutive days) over a point / area of interest for a defined time frame (period of time, recursive month season, year).

Search Accumulated/Averaged events (TA-SAA)

Search events by threshold e.g. how many times the hourly precipitation has been above a specific threshold over a point / area of interest for a defined time frame (period of time, recursive month season, year).

Awesome features

More than 40PB of accessible data
Powerful user interface

Data access and visualization; On-the-fly multi-dimensional sub-setting (spatial, temporal, by band / variable); Multiple layer management; E-collaboration tools; On-the-fly processing.

Application Programming Interface (API) for machine to machine services
Satellite data, model data, ground data, climate projections
Thematic platforms for:

Ocean; Atmosphere; Climate; Weather; Natural disasters; Agriculture; Infrastructures; Planetary science; Training and Education in Earth Observation applications domain.

Processing environment based on Jupyter notebook

Our Pricing

The usage of ADAM is regulated through user quota accounting. The User Quota allows a simple way to set a limit for free usage of data and processing dedicated to demonstration and promotional initiative and to establish a pricing mechanism for advanced and intensive usage. The User Quota model is a combination of accessed byte, storage, processing and bandwidth resources consumed by the user. The following user profiles are available.

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  • Access to the open datasets

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  • Access to open and extended datasets with limitations (1000 Credits)
  • Access to baseline notebooks

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  • Access to open and extended datasets with advanced functionality. (10.000 Credits)
  • Access to powerful notebooks

Bundles (from 10 users on) and unlimited accounts are available for mid to large entities and developers, with the possibility to customize functionalities and upload owned data. Please contact us for further information and inquires (

If you want “your own” ADAM platform, please contact us (

If you want to receive specific training, upload your data or host at your premises an ADAM instance, please contact us (


The provision of dedicated services (micro-services) for private users, public administrations, insurances can be considered. Service products can be provided as service (e.g. via APIs), or via e-mail (attached images).
The service price depends on different aspects (number of products requested, need of data processing, surface to be monitored). Service examples are provided below.

  • 100 monthly
      • Air quality monitoring service
      • Daily provision of air quality information (past 2 days, 5 days forecast) over a specific point or area
      • Periodicity: Daily
      • Data delivery mode: e-mail repor
  • 100 monthly
      • Vegetation status monitoring service
      • Provision of time series of vegetation index, precipitation, temperature for the past 3 months and monthly / seasonal statistics on the past 5 years. The service can work for points or areas.
      • Periodicity: on-demand
      • Data delivery mode: customised REST interface
  • 100 monthly
      • Environmental parameters provision for critical infrastructures management
      • Provision of gridded (on a user-defined grid) environmental information (precipitation, temperature, vegetation status, water status…) for a max time range of 10 years. The service can work for points or areas.
      • Periodicity: on-demand
      • Data delivery mode: customised REST interface

The APIs

An application programming interface (API) is an interface or communication protocol between a client and a server intended to simplify the building of client-side software. The ADAM API exposes the data discovery and access service interfaces in a standard python package called adamapi. To use the ADAM API, the user must have an “ADAM API KEY”, the authentication key linked to the ADAM instance.

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